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How to Save Money on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

We’re all looking to save as many pennies as possible in this day and age, and for those who enjoy the Great Outdoors, saving a few bucks on that propane refill is a fantastic idea. Whether you need it for camping, warming up the duck blind, or using it to have extra fun on that snowmobile trip, by refilling your 1-pound portable propane tank from your 20-gallon tank at home will definitely save the cash.                                                                              

As autumn winds down, hunting season for many types of game springs up, and propane plays a large part in it all. Not only is propane a great way to keep you warm in the blind when you hunt this winter, but there are also inexpensive products that make it truly easy to keep the propane on hand no matter where you set up for the hunt.

Of course, following the safety tips that you need to know are hugely important when it comes to utilizing propane. Such as, make sure to ventilate your area properly. By positioning your heater near an opening in the blind, carbon monoxide can escape and keep everyone safe. It’s important to note that some heaters designed for outdoor use may not vent properly, so make sure to purchase one that is safe for use indoors; even try to look for a model with an auto shut-off feature to prevent the build-up of carbon monoxide for extra protection.

Little cautions and the right products make it easy to stay safe and warm this hunting season. And one way to feel better and have fun out there is to get a propane refill adapter. One-pound cylinder tank couplers are quick-connect attachments perfect for hunting, camping, RV camper stoves, grills, and patio heaters and should not be overlooked. Adapters on the market today will allow you to refill 1-pound bottles in one minute or less. The adapter fits all one-pound tanks, and by hooking up this adapter, it will equalize the pressure between the small and large tank you’re refilling from.

Built-in safety features make sure that you never have to worry about over-filling your smaller tank, as well, because the adapter automatically cuts off gas flow when pressure is reached.

A “must-have: for ice fishermen, mountain men and women, and all campers, the adapter will save your unlimited money by refilling your own propane tanks and also allowing you to release the propane back into the larger tank if you got in a situation where your larger tank ran dry.

Save Cash on Propane, How to Save Money on Your Next Outdoor Adventure with propane as well as the enviroment with less waste

Truly easy to use, simply put your small container in the refrigerator or your freezer for a few minutes and put your 20-pound tank in hot water and/or in the sun. The goal is to maximize the source tank’s pressure and minimize the pressure in the receiving bottle, allowing for more propane to transfer before the pressure equalizes.

There you have it. The smaller propane tank can come with you wherever you go, and there’s no need to continually pour money into new tanks in order to keep the supply up. Learn all about the adapters and safety features at your favorite “outdoor” store today and start saving!

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