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Virginia Passes the Legalization of Adult Recreational Cannabis

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The first Southern state has fallen.

Virginia has become the first southern state to legalize adult recreational cannabis but certainly will not be the last. The state legislature has passed the law, and it is now heading to Governor Ralph Northam’s desk for signature. The Governor is a supporter of this law and is expected to sign it very soon.

Of course, there are always issues with the laws, perceptions, and realities. The law will not go into effect until 2024. However, many in the legislature are pushing for some revisions to the law and the Governor’s support to expedite this time frame.

Frankly, it makes sense. Last year Virginia passed a law to decriminalize cannabis and if caught with under an ounce was a civil penalty of $25.00. It seems to me, Virginia could move a little faster as well. Especially considering that a large percentage of the tax revenue for cannabis sales will be focused on Pre-K education programs in more poor and rural areas. In addition, 30% will be allocated to assisting in “rebuilding” communities that have historically been more heavily targeted with marijuana arrests over the years.

Regardless, once a few minor issues are resolved, Virginia will be finished. Another state “bites the dust” and joins the ranks of the states that have passed the legalization of recreational cannabis. Even more importantly, in this case, is the “break in the wall” in the south. I guess we will see how long it will really take for Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas to show a few cracks in the near future as well.

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